Dryden Faction statement

The Dryden Faction statement in the faction database needs to be translated to english please.

I think that’s a new bug. It’s actually all the Factions except Colonial Unit and Commonwealth of Planets. Google translator says it’s Latin, but it’s still gibberish.

…" So I do not hate, or fear … It’s a chocolate bow…


The lorem ipsum text is typically a scrambled section of De finibus bonorum et malorum, a 1st-century BC Latin text by Cicero, with words altered, added, and removed to make it nonsensical, improper Latin.

They may be working on the factions so they have a placeholder for now.

100% correct, I filled in the primary factions and those i have been working on ‘story wise’ the others are using lorum as a holding template. These will be updated as we go along.

Great to hear. Thanks Coops.