Error message in Browser

I got this error in my browser (Internet Explorer 11):

I’m not sure whether it comes from PT, but as it says “Player”, I suppose so.

I just clicked away the message and I could continue playing, so nothing serious…

If this is the first time you have seen this, then I suspect it was a comms “blip” between you and the game. I would not be overly worried unless it becomes more frequent.

I will leave this report open for now, so that you or any other player that sees this message or a similar one can reply.

Given that I could continue playing and I saw it only once, this seems an excellent idea! So keep it on hold, until proven otherwise.

I had another error popping up 19-02-2017 at 19:15 (game clock). Other issue, same story; I clicked it away and could continue playing…
No worries, just let you know about it.

This was in a firefox browser.

Thanks for pointing this out, we think we have found the issue, and will patch it shortly.

I just got the Deadlock error while mining in Osseze. I was being attacked by a Botiallian Renegade and had hit Retreat.

Today I had this deadlock message while in combat.
It also had the very strange side effect, that one of my weapons remained locked and never cooled down…, even when pirate was killed!