Error notification

So I was happily mining kelsalt in Terra (Ter3) and got this little pop-up on my main (OmegaOne)

Error: (text) Mining: Hm… this shouldn’t happen. Ever.

I clicked OK and it kept endlessly cycling, so I left the asteroid field and came back and I could mine again…

But I seem to notice 1 less kelsalt rock (top left of the field) and not sure about that, could be my imagination :stuck_out_tongue:

I had about the same thing happen on one of my characters a few days ago: the asteroid I was mining de-spawned while I was mining it; there was an error message, could have been the same but I am not sure.
I reloaded rather than moving and coming back as you did, and that is when I saw that it was gone.

Asteroids don’t automatically replenish anymore. I mined one out of existence the other day, but didn’t get any errors. The very last drilling only resulted in 4 ore, which apparently was all that was left.

I’m sure our resident code guru will jump on this one for us. Although we didn’t spot this during testing prior to the roll out. But may be slightly harder to replicate.

As for Roid’s, during the early days we simply set the roids as static items with overbearing tickers to keep them from being mined out.

Since the change over we have a more sophisticated algorithm running which should create a better spread and allows of course for roids to be mined to Zero.

Please keep us updated if you spot more issue sin this respect.


Thanks for detailed description.
The issue is indeed connected to roids being depleted - by more than one laser at the same time.
Will be fixed today.
Until then, reloading the mining page / re-entering the field should work as a temporary fix.

Uh, no: in my case it was definitely only 1 laser: I only have 1 laser slot (still running the old Marauders for the time being - crafting my first Polestar any day now), and there was no other miner visible in the field.
Also I seem to remember that this asteroid had over 10k ores left when I started mining it, and I definitely did not mine out that much before it happened.

Could it be that some players are now not shown to all in the asteroids fields? that could account for it.

I just remember that when another ship arrives after yours in a field, it was not visible before reloading; so that could have happened, but there was still none other visible after reloading this time.

A patch is being tested.

Cannot reproduce the described behavior. Are you sure it happened after the last big update?

I have no idea when that was, and until last week I had not mined for a long time, so probably not.

Just happened to me this minute, while mining a Novenium asteroid on my 2nd char in Astra F:AST1
Error: (text) Mining: Hm… this shouldn’t happen. Ever.

The asteroid was definitely far from empty, there was more in it than I needed in total

After clicking ok, it still shows 17409; after reloading, it shows 17399

The patch has been applied following testing.

Please let us know if the error persists.

I mined out another asteroid yesterday and when it had 7 left I let my 2 mining lasers (13-15/cycle) go at it and I got the 7 ore, saw the asteroid dissappear and no notification or error…

super, thanks for the feedback @OmegaOne

I just got another error message instead, in the same situation.

The error message in the pop-up was something about ‘allow messages …’ which did not make any sense to me; the pop-up itself was flickering and did not let me copy the text (as if the pop-up was in a loop) until I clicked OK

Alright, must be something else, having nothing to do with depletion.

Please provide following information:

  • What browser did you use?
  • Which toon?
  • Timing: same situation = on ore collection (end of laser cycle)?
  • Could you mine same roid before and after without issues?
  • Was cargo bay full, by any chance?
  • Does your connection to game server lag sometimes? Actions / page transitions with noticeable delay?
  • Did you have a Hydra mission at that time?
  • What browser did you use?
    Firefox, up to date to latest version (it is automatic, now)

  • Which toon?
    My 2nd char, Emerahl

  • Timing: same situation = on ore collection (end of laser cycle)?
    on ore collection, but no idea if end of cycle or not.

  • Could you mine same roid before and after without issues?

  • Was cargo bay full, by any chance?

  • Does your connection to game server lag sometimes? Actions / page transitions with noticeable delay?
    rarely, but it happens; however, I noticed it happening frequently in the following situations:

  1. when a character levels up.
  2. when a random event occurs, right before it is displayed
  3. probably at ends of mining cycles, I noticed, now that I have 2 mining lasers on Emerahl, that one sometimes take a lot longer than the other to show up as having finished mining (up to 10 seconds longer than the interval between the 2 starting clicks, so there is no mistaking it).

It also happens occasionally when loading the jump gate nexus, or one of the stations listings (any list of destinations).

furhermore, I noticed a delay of up to a minute between an event happening in my browser (random damage, crate found) and that event being shown as well in the 5 log lines at the bottom.
Also, a couple of weeks ago, I had 2 periods when the game was unreacheable for a while, but probably a different reason (Login page not loading today - #13 by Fafhred); this has no re-occured since those 2 times.

  • Did you have a Hydra mission at that time?

And just before the fix was applied, I had the previous error message in a situation where the asteroid was defintely NOT exhausted; look 6 replies up from this one.

Thanks for the info. Connection issues are my best-guess now (especially ~10s delay between identical lasers doesn’t sound good). It can even be a general connection timeout on one of actions. I’ll try to reproduce the issue.

In order to exclude other possible causes, please keep an eye on following when mining:

  • do Hydra crate drop for you?
  • do random commodities drop?
  • do you get both good and bad random events when mining?

For the footer events log the update interval is 20 seconds. Significantly longer update time would indicate serious connectivity problems.

Yes, I’m keeping that in mind - it is the only concrete clue so far.

  • do Hydra crate drop for you?
  • do random commodities drop?
  • do you get both good and bad random events when mining?
    bad, yes; good, so far I only ever saw the placeholder message for those (requesting to suggest some).

for what it is worth I’m also using firefox and have noticed the following :

  1. Sometimes pages take a while to load, multiple tabs of unrelated sites are not loading, while at the same time in opera pages load perfectly. Which means there might be a firefox issue, not a connection issue as page loads perfectly in 1 browser and not in the other. But this didn’t happen at the time when I got the error, atleast not noticable.

  2. I have 2 mining lasers that I click right after eachother so they are mining the same rock simultaniously and for the most part they finish at the same time, but sometimes 1 seems to take 1 or 2 seconds or even a bit longer then the other one.
    This is 9/10 the second laser which is clicked last, but in same situation 1/10 it is the first laser that takes a bit longer.

edit : no hydra missions active for me

Pages on other tabs not loading is a normal feature in Firefox, and has been for a long time; it only loads the tab title, but the page itself only at first selection of that page.
In a few cases, pages stop loading, which I tracked down to a cache issue induced by Flash bugs (most dynamic adverts currently use Flash), which then requires cache clearing, restarting FF, and in extreme cases restarting the computer as well.

As for Opera, I had issues with earlier versions, but once they switched their underlying engine to Chromium (the heart of Chrome) I ditched them ( I banned IE permanently many years ago, and Chrome very soon after it was released and almost immediately revealed how intrusive it really was - basically Google’s top spyware).

It isn’t what you wrote, if it is flash related, then firefox usually freezes till it says a plugin stopped working and get the option to turn off the plugin and firefox continues…

The issue I meant is that when browsing a website it stops loading, other sites won’t load either like in ‘no connection’, but at the same time it works all fine in opera and a minute or 2 later it works again in firefox aswell. It feels more like firefox itself has an issue with connecting, no freezes or crashes while all other programs have no connection issues.

I usually have firefox, opera, a torrent client and an online game open and all connect fine without issues except firefox for a moment