Error Redirect loop?

OK, something odd just happened. I was mining, exitted the asteroid field,
and tried to jump to a planet. Nothing happened. I clicked on the planet
again, and after several seconds, got a Chrome error:
This webpage has a redirect loop

Im using chrome Version 46.0.2490.86 m in case it matters.
Now I can’t even log in anymore. I get to the character selection screen,
press on “Play character” (named Rocky) and get the same error.
I;ve tried clearing cookies and browsing/cached images/data, didn’t help any.

Do you play on a tablet ? or sometimes login on a tablet but play mostly on a computer ?

Your character thought it was mining, but you were not in an asteroid field.

Anyway, you should be good to log in now.

Everything seems ok now.
I am mostly on a PC, but use a IPAD occasionally.

That day, I was using a PC first for a couple hours,
then logged out. I then used an IPAD for perhaps an hour,
mining, then am pretty sure I docked at a planet and logged out.
I am pretty sure I was docked, I rarely leave myself floating out in the stars.

Later that evening, I was again using the PC, started mining for 15 minutes or so,
then it all went wrong when I tried to leave the asteroid field to dock
at a planet.
But all ok now.

Happening to me now. First time.
I am playing on my chromebook and when I try to log on I get the too many redirect error message.
I cleared my cache and cookies, restarted the computer. By the way I had stopped mining and docked at a planet before exiting the game. (I exit by closing the tab, not logging out, which could be part of the issue.
For troubleshooting purposes:
A few times the header read /mining.php and sometimes it read /index.php
I also receive the error when I am at the Project Terran Home Screen and click on the log in link.

I have fixed your character, though it is clear some more investigation is needed with this one…

This is my second time for the “redirect loop” error. This time it is on my character “Soulilatda”. You were able to fix this for me before. Hopefully you can work some magic again. Thank-you.

Your character should now be sorted, I am still trying to get to the bottom of this issue…