Escape Pod: tips&tricks and suggestions

I had the luck that I could try out the particular chip chassis called: “Escape Pod”.

Here some feedback on a week of flying in the escape pod.

1. Great exploration ship!
The escape pod cannot enter orbits nor asteroid fields. As consequence, it cannot be pulled into combat either. But the escape pod can dock at stations and planets, which makes it a great ship for exploring even the lowest law level areas.

2. Random Events
The escape pod receives random positive and negative events. So you will still get messages like: Captain… has suffered … damage to their ship while navigating the space lanes in …

3. Primitive Shield (with 0 regen rate)
Unlike any other Ship Chassis, the Escape Pod has a shield value 50. This comes however without a regen rate. So once damaged, it does not grow back to max.
This means that after a second negative event, the armour will be damaged and you will HAVE to repair it before you can swap chassis!

Tip : Shield can be restored to max value by swapping chassis to marauder and back to escape pod.

4. Escape Pod hull breach
After multiple negative events, also the hull will take damage AND will eventually breach.
So, though escape pod cannot be pulled into combat, it CAN get hull breached.
BUT no worries, you immediately get a brand new escape pod.
TIP: so no need to actually repair an escape pod, fly around a bit and eventually you will get a new undamaged one
TIP: ignore previous tip when you have to carry items in your ship store, since these would be lost when hull breaches.

SUGGESTION for Dev: Could the escape pod get a regen rate on it’s shield? This would avoid some of the strange things mentioned above.
(but I agree no highest priority, as flying escape pod is probably not something that you would encourage :blush: )