Faction alignment system ideas

So I was thinking about Project Terran and how it might develop and I remembered a little something from Freelancer that I always liked regarding factions, I have seen it in other games but I think Freelancer is the best example I known of.

As we all know the faction standing and alignment in Core Exiles is fairly basic, only the pirate/confed and galfed/alliance factions are really tied to each other and only really because doing things for one pisses off the other.

In Freelancer all the different factions and groups were interconnected in a web of sorts, so allying with or attacking one would have a ripple effect on how others viewed you, it was also possible to gradually shift your allegiances by working with different factions.

For instance a trade faction could be friendly with a police faction, but they could also be friendly with a smuggler faction who is in turn friendly with a pirate faction, even though the pirate faction is enemies with the police and trade faction, if a player wanted to switch sides they would first have to work with the trade faction, then the smugglers, then the pirates, or the other way if you wanted to reverse it.

I have no idea how hard it would be to code a system like this or balance and make it work in the game, however I thought it would be better to bring it up early rather than later because it would be easier to build and implement while the game is early in development rather than trying to shoehorn it in later, feel free to comment if anyone has any questions or thoughts to add on this.

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