Faction from Mining?

I was just wondering if you get faction from mining? I know haulers get faction from hauling because it says so when you drop off freight. But what about miners?

None that I am aware of.
You might get faction from some missions requiring mining (not actually sure of that), but no visible faction increase from mining itself.

Edit: I just double-checked the mining mission I am currently working on (copied below as example), it does announce some (unspecified) faction reward for it; however I am pretty sure that some earlier ones did not announce any, so it probably depend the missions.


'Next on my list
Rewards: Credits: 3250 | XP: 320
Colonial Union Faction

There is a bonus 750 credits if you can get back here within 120 minutes!
That was very good of you to locate and drop off the Kelsalt so quickly.
I will attach a bonus to each of these requests if they can be returned to me in the specified time.
The next one shouldn’t give you much of an issue as it’s only 650 units of Hikarite.
Why so many others have failed is beyond me. I suppose it all those captains just looking for the next ‘get rich quick’ scheme.

I will see you back here when you have the Hikarite.’

Yes and those missions run out pretty quickly.

Once you tech into a Deepcore you can’t haul anymore either.

So how does a miner gain faction? Refining?

In particular, anyone have thoughts on how you get Driller coalition reputation for the mining NPC in Heinlein? Just a pointer would be enough.