Faction XP digital number

It would be nice if we could see the actual XP number that we have in each Faction. The percentage number changes so slowly that it’s very difficult to know if it even works.

My Hauler has been hauling freight exclusively in Foreen Space for over 2 months, and the Foreen Alliance XP is still at 1%.

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I agree with this idea and it would also be nice to know exactly how much xp points or % is required to be offered more missions from the NPC’s as quite frankly I’m getting bored waiting for something to happen and need some motivation to keep logging in… so how is combat coming along?..

New update today which should prove helpful:

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Awesome! Thanks for adding this, will be nice for sure

Ok, it’s interesting to see how Faction XP actually works. :wink:

You get 1 xp for each Dumont, Janisar or Dryden delivery made. Distance or amount of freight doesn’t effect the amount of xp.

So if you were strictly after faction xp, you’re better off hauling as many small loads of Dumont as you can carry and go for the shortest distance you can find. … and it’s worst to look for large Dryden loads that take 5 minutes to deliver, because you still only get 1 xp.

Miners don’t seem to make faction xp for mining, but they do received 5 xp for each trade commodity that they find (and sell) while mining.