Freight Office Changes and Tweaks

I have made some changes today to the freight offices and the way that the tables are laid out. If you have been moving Dryden freight for the last few days you may have spotted me working on this, but I have now rolled it across all three offices (Dumont, Janisar and Dryden) and the interface now looks like this:

There are a few notable changes. Firstly, you should now find that the payment column will sort correctly, high to low or low to high…

Next, there is a filter box on all the columns. This allows you to filter on a specific column, but will also offer you more options.

For example, you might want to find a shipment that will fit in the last corner of your hold, so you can use the < Operator (less than) to filter the list, like this:

This filter shows all shipments that are LESS THAN 8. You can also use the = operator, so searching for <=8 would return all shipments that are 8 or below.

This also works for the payment column, you could search for example for all shipments that pay more than 750 cr:

The other feature this new interface offers, that you may or may not use is the ability to filter by multiple columns.

If you hold the SHIFT key while clicking the column headers, you can then sort on as many columns as you like.

Anyway, as always let us have any feedback, or any issues that you encounter (in a bug report please, not in this thread!)


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Could it also be made so that it remembers the filter you set once you hit ‘take shipment’ ?

Cor, there is no pleasing some people is there… ? :stuck_out_tongue:

The filters will now remain until you change or remove them… (this is per office, so if you set a filter in Dumont, it will remain in Dumont until you change it, but will not affect Janisar or Dryden)

Just to clarify this point, the filters are text entered to filter the list down (e.g <30), these will be remembered.

Sorting, where you arrange the list from A-Z, or High to Low. These are NOT remembered.

OK, scratch that… I have made a couple of tweaks, and now your Sort will also be remembered.

Now, don’t be asking for the office to choose the best shipment for you based on your freight space and fuel supply, as that may receive a frosty response :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a request, or bug, but something to note, and one question.

Thx Prev for making Sort remembered :smiley: It makes things flow a bit smoother when picking hauls in the same station office, on my desktop (Firefox browser). When I switched to my Nook tablet (android, Chrome browser) my chosen sorts were not remembered. When I went back to my desktop, the sorting was back.

So I take it that the Freight offices changes are local to the either the particular device you are using or browser, and not the account?

Yes indeed they are, stored locally by the browser. If you used Chrome on your desktop, you would get the same result.