Frequency of being "pulled" into combat?

Hey Devs,

I was recently mining in Dominus and got pulled into combat. I escaped, re-entered the asteroid field and started mining again but was pulled right back into combat fewer than 30 seconds later!?

Thus, “escaping” seems moot. What is the point of being able to escape when you are immediately attacked and returned to combat seconds later?

Question 1: Is there no “cool down” between attacks? Maybe add a random 3-5 minute cool down?

Otherwise, we are unable to make any progress mining. Over a 10 minute period, I was pulled into combat 4 times, twice within one minute.

Question 2: If instead of “escaping” I chose to fight, is the chance of being attacked again greatly reduced? In other words, escaping seems to have no effect at all as you are constantly pulled right back into combat seconds or just a couple of minutes later, so I’m wondering if we destroy the attacking ship do we get a 5 or 10 minute reprieve from being attacked so soon again?


I have other issue with Mining Combat. If I mine in high Law Level areas (relative to my Shield: LL8) I get dragged quite often. four or five times for 2 hydra packages found. And when I get dragged, some maneuvers, I get 1-3 shots which barely scratch my shield, then escape, few mining shots, repeat. Annoying. If My Ship is too big for pirates, they should not attack. Or Attack once or twice, and no more. Attacks should be continued if player is unable to regen shileds between attacks, or Player Armour is damaged during attack (which gives at least chance for kill after many, many tries). Or allow us mine during attacks, lol

If it’s not happening all the time, it can simply be bad luck

We’ll check the params.

What LL did it happen in?

No. There is a certain chance per certain time unit. It can be adjusted, but it should be based on a statistically meaningful average - as mentioned already, you can be very unlucky or very lucky (and be able to mine 10-20 minutes undisturbed).

No. Though (slightly) adjusting attack chance based on player’s “combat strength” or ship condition does sound logical (see @pikolinianita 's post). We’ll discuss what is actually technically doable.

A 100% “protection mode” can lead to unwanted consequences. Say, you get to a mining field with rare ores, let a enemy attack you and kill him fast (maybe your friends help you). Then you leave combat and re-enter mining field. Should you now be allowed to mine some rare ores for 5-10 min without any risk?

Again, a lone miner at a location with multiple aggressive enemies. What could possible go wrong? Or, rather, why exactly should they leave you alone?

I believe the LL was 6.

Later that day I was in another LL6 (Wellspring) and was “pulled” into combat 9-10 times in 15 minutes. (not kidding)

If that’s just bad die rolls and the Random Number Generator Gods are having fun with me, then I’m cancelling my trip to Vegas because that’s twice in one day at two different locations.

Please note: I think Combat works fine and I don’t mind at all being attacked, but 9 or 10 times in 15 minutes makes mining frustrating, not fun.

I agree mining without risk doesn’t make sense, but maybe there’s a balance to be found, possibly with a respite of 2 minutes between the possibility attacks.

Anyway, thanks for looking into this high frequency issue and considering options.