Fuel Depot - Primer

The fuel depots are now active and operational in PT.

You will see fuel depots dotted about in the game, and they appear as an entity on the navigation screen. They will all have the same graphical image so are easy to spot.

If you approach the fuel depot, you will be presented with a screen like this:

The process is incredibly simple. If you have fuel in the depot, and space in your tanks, click the green button to fill your tanks.

Not a lot more to be said.

Any issues, please let me know.

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I have made some changes to the fuel depot over the last couple of days, and the fuel depot is now account bound rather than character bound.

All fuel in the fuel depot is now available to all characters on your account.

I did figure that yesterday, which raises 2 questions:

  • Is there a maximum capacity to the depot ?
  • Is is possible to withdraw just a specific amount (to share it between characters) ?

No there is not…

Not at this time, only a “fill tanks” option.

I have spent some time today and added a TSC Upgrade to the game to allow you to withdraw fuel from the depot in increments.

The upgrade is available as I type in the TSC Store, and is account wide, so will be active on all current and future characters.

This has meant a slight tweak to the fuel depot interface, but the right pane now looks a little like this:

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