Fuel Regeneration Glitch?

Shortly after 6:00 this morning, I checked Blondie’s fuel (8 fuel total) and I noticed fuel jumped 10 up (18 fuel total).
Still not enough to move a load to the next system with Dumont.
So I stayed docked and started to load freight.
But around 6:02 1 extra fuel was added, while I was loading freight(19 fuel total).

I never paid attention to this before…anybody else seen this?

I can’t say I’ve noticed this, but most of my toons have full tanks most of the time, and even when I’m playing I’m usually not looking at the fuel values too closely. I’ll try to keep an eye on them and see if I spot this.

I can’t think of any reason why a single unit of fuel was added, as the only place fuel is added is with the ticker.

Can you keep an eye on this and let us know if it happens again?

That’s why I called it a glitch. I am trying to reproduce it. Nothing sofar.
I don’t know how to make the command to save screen to share all the details, in case I find anything odd.
Can you help me with that?

Prev and I use Greenshot - Greenshot - Screen Recorder download | SourceForge.net

Very handy and simple to take screen shots or ear shots etc.


I personally use Greenshot to make my screen captures. Is free and works very well :smile:

Greenshot Download

lol, Coops beat me to it :wink:

Nice tool, need to learn how to use it and find where it saves though :wink:

Once you have it installed, by default, click the Print Screen button (Prt Scr or similar) at the top right of your keyboard usually next to scroll lock button.

This will give you a crosshair cursor, which will enable you to click and drag to select the section of screen you want to capture. Once you release, a popup menu will appear, I usually choose the top option Save as (displaying dialogue)

Simple :smile:

Not so simple for me, but I can work with it:


found this glitch