Full regens after levels?

I’ve played a few games similar to FS, most recently blades of eternity. one thing I liked about that game was after you leveled you got a full regen in all your stuff. it was also a every 5 min regen system. would this be possible for FS. so if you level you start the next level with full nerve, awake, energy, & hp?

Be interested to see what other players think of this. Sure, it is possible, but is it needed?

I too would like a full regen of our stats on level up, Hol’s right many games do have this implemented and would be nice to have.

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It might be worthwhile for us to playtest, anyway. Might not make that much of a difference at higher levels, but until we’re there we can’t be sure…

yeah that’s where I figured this would be nice, the full regen that is. at the higher levels regens are going to really creap up, just at 9 it has started to creep. it would be a really nice reward for a level to get a regen.

The full regen at each level up would also make leveling something to work for, a small acknowledgment of an achievement.

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I am not against the full regen after level up,but also have never had a problem with the system as it currently is either