Galactic Finder

Today sees the addition of the Galactic Finder to Project Terran.

Dead simple, not a lot to say really, other than select the service you require in the left pane, and you will see the locations of that service in the right hand pane. They are ordered by system, then location (system in Orange)

There is a link to the finder in the game menu (click the burger icon) and you will find it under Trade & Services

As always, any issues, please let us know.

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One small thing: In FF it looks slightly different:

  • tooltip (?) is on top of the first row, not to the right of it
  • the rows have full width of ss-right, there is no space to the right
  • as result, as soon as vertical scroll bar appears, the rows do not fit to width and then horizontal scrollbar is added

“width: 425px” for “#ss-right .resource” fixed it, but I’d try to find out why it looks different in first place

EDIT: I guess I should’ve posted it in PT Bugs, not here…

There are some changes to the CSS for this addition, which may be cached on your system.

I have loaded it in all the major browsers and there are no layout issues here ?

Good point, force-reloading the page solved the issue.