Galactic Repair Facility

Today sees the release of the Galactic Repair Facility

This will allow you to repair items that are fitted to your ship, items stored in your ship store, and also the ship itself. All these items have the ability to take on damage, with events while you go about your business, and of course in combat once that is released down the line.

When entering a GRF, if you have any damage you will see a screen similar to this:

As you can see, there is Hull and Armour Damage, plus one of the equipped mining lasers has taken some damage. You will see a durability bar shown against each item.

Clicking on one of the items will give you more information on the item, as well as the repair CPU, and the total cost of the repair:

If you have enough credits, the button will be green, otherwise it will be red. Click the button to repair the item instantly.

We chose to go with instant repair, otherwise you would have to remove items, or possibly be locked to the location while the repair was carried out if it was timed.

Every item in game has a repair CPU value, so the higher level the item, the higher the repair cost will likely be.

We will be adding systems that will allow you to equip an item to repair your hull and armour over time, but while not terribly cheap, this facility will be available in most systems to allow you to grab repairs in a hurry.

As always, any issues please report them in the usual way!


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