Game Menu with Hydra Mission

I guess this is something that may not be a problem for every device or screen resolution but for me after getting Hydra Mission Game Menu part with Account Options (Character select and Logout) is inaccesible because it doesn’t scroll. I can of course choose zoom in and out in my browser but it’s not really perfect solution since: 1) it makes text too small for me to read, 2) it affects other tabs as well and therefore is messing with all my internet reading.

Can you tell us what device you are playing on, and what resolution you are running ?

If you can provide a screenshot, that would be super helpful, but don’t worry if not…

I forgot to add this, sorry. I’m talking about playing on the computer, through Chrome, with resolution 1600x1024. I changed for a moment to 1680x1050 (the biggest possible for me) and I could see only logout part, not character select. Unfortunately I can’t make screenshot right now.
I guess there is still more stuff that will be added to Game Menu with development so maybe it would work better if it could scroll?

No worries, thanks for the additional info, I will take a look, see what I can do :smile:

I now have the same issue when playing on Galaxy Tab 10inch I don’t know the resolution sorry but the default browser doesn’t have the option to reduce size.

As an afterthought why not rename “NPC mission log” to just “mission log” and keep all the missions together on their own line as even on PC the Hydra info looks a little out of place and cluttered.

I can now view it fine from Tab so not sure if something was tweaked one way or t’other