Game Update - 21st Jan 2017

We have today uploaded some new code that unifies the interface through many of the screens in Project Terran, particularly the GSF (Galactic Storage Facility), PSF (Promenade Storage Facility), Ship Store, Cargo Bay and Emporiums.

This should hopefully make it easier to find your way round these screens as buttons are all styled the same, and in the same place.

Today also sees the addition of daily fees for the Emporium Stores. This fee is based on your Merchant Skill, so the higher the skill, the higher the fee (though even at max skill level, the fee is minimal)

This change will allow us to start removing inactive stores, freeing up space on promenades for enterprising captains to snap up!

A quick clarification, as we have been asked…

You will only get charged the fee for the emporium if you have a store open. Although the fee is “based” on your merchant skill, it only applies IF you have a store.

You a free to obtain and train the skill as high as you like.

I hope this sets some minds at rest :slight_smile: