GBM Contract Player Names

Would it be possible to have say a mouse over or some other way to see who;s contract you are filling as this would help to make informed decisions on what to fill :stuck_out_tongue:

was wondering how long it would be for this to be requested lol…

What is the general concensus? Does it really matter who placed the GBM contract, as long as you get a good price?

I’d rather have the player/planet name on the GEI so we don’t play which private store is it? I think it only shows system now?

But I can see the point, Can you sell resources directly to another player? So if you are dealing to provide a resource to a crafter to finish an item you would want to drop the resources on the right GBM.

would like it, only with the name it makes sense to ask your contract to be filled.
Yes, cpu could be also a unique identifier, but still the name is possible better.

Has this been enabled yet? Because I thought I saw the name of the contracts when I was unloading mined ore yesterday. Maybe if you click on the resource it shows who posted it

Yes, I made a couple of tweaks to the GBM yesterday, but was called away before I had chance to post.

When looking at a contract in the GBM now, you will see the following:

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