Guild Suggestions

“Are there any features or functions that you would like added to the guild interface? Get over to the forums and let us know!”

so here I am posting a few suggestions on guilds, things I think it would be nice to have added. I know it’s a big list, but did a brain storm with a few other folks and this is what we came up with. Figured it would be better to post at once then make multiple posts over a spread out time.

  1. the ability to have a co-leader and or the ability to give other members ranks and permissions to use the bank and armoury. for example, a guild enforcer, they can use one attack on another player who has attacked a guildy, maybe increase level cap on attacking to 7 or 8, only for retaliations against someone who has already attacked a guild member.

  2. an extension to the guild defense log, something that also shows who other members have attacked. I don’t know if the defense log shows when members have been mugged as well as attacked, but if not that would be nice. both for members who have been mugged, and who members have mugged.

  3. a guild log showing who has deposited money as well as stuff into the armoury.

  4. a section called black book or something similar, where either the leader or if #1 is implemented; co-leader or other rank can put names of people who need to be beat up for some injustice on fellow guild members.

  5. I’m sure it’s in the works but also the ability to declare war on other guilds.

  6. a way to see where your guild’s XP stands towards leveling to the next guild level. I assume this is active since there is a lvl9 guild.

  7. the ability for the guild to buy droids and labs or something similar to grow rf-49, where the money from earnings are deposited into the guild bank.

  8. this one is a bit long and I’m drawing from other games I’ve played and their clan/guild abilities. Some sort of way for people in a guild to work for the guild, I’ll use an example. in another game you could buy 3 different types of equipment, excavation pick axe, excavations brush, and excavations chisel. you dug up skulls, cracked, complete, gold, and diamond, when you found these you donated them to the guild for guild points, and you also got paid for them. the ability for you to excavate was a separate bar that regenned like the others. the guild then could spend those points on items and daily running costs to keep the guild running. It would make for guild interaction, and allow for people to work for the guilds benefiting them and their guild. I know it would be allot of work compared to smaller suggestions but wanted to toss it out there. I know the skull and excavations wouldn’t work in FS as it is not with the theme of the game, but was thinking something similar or something along the same lines.

have another thing…sorry prev :smile:
but could there also be private guild chat channels? where only members of a guild can join.

I am digesting this post, and all the suggestions in it… but…

The chat as it is is very limited, more of a “shout box” rather than a full fledged IRC system that we use in CE, so the options are limited at this time.

I have been tinkering with the defense log, and added muggings. All attacks and mugs should now show to both guilds (if both members are guilded).

I like a lot of these suggestions-
1 sounds pretty cool, as right now I’m not sure what tangible benefit the guild actually provides. Expanding the level cap via the guild, whether as a one-shot or for a short amount of time would be something only guilds could do. It could take money or be a fixed ability based on the guild’s level, maybe?

4 how would wars work? would you be taking something (money, xp, rep, items) from the other guild? I was in a war in a previous game that worked kind of like this one, but it seemed the only benefit was upsetting the players from the other group. Maybe a rep system and some kind of award for the guild that ‘wins’?

10(?) I’d like to see the combat logs when I’ve been attacked. It would be nice to know if it was a close fight or if I got my derriere handed to me.

There i a reason I play CE, its because I dont like pvp…turf wars, mob hits etc are a good idea but will always have balance problems. agree with Jager, need some win/loss mechanism but could be minimal where the winner does ok for xp and reward but loser isnt penalised much.Just upsetting them seems a good result lol. but yes shouldnt be able to destroy a guild without paying a heavy price otherwise a big (usually eastern) guild pops up and destroys all the smaller guilds

I figured a guild war would be somethinga long the lines of each guild gets x amount of points for beating up players in another guild, or points for money taken via mugging. if guilds could be destroyed that would be a very big downer for me. of course the above is after a guild declares war on another.

The guild should have a sleazy lawyer who can reduce your lockup time for a fee. Stronger guild, better lawyer.
The fee would be based on the severity of the crime, and could reduce your detention time by a random factor up to 50%

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of course, the lawyer is actually bribing the judge (I did mention it was a sleazy lawyer)

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The Guild Armory is not an armory but a storeroom. I’d like to see a separate actual armory where armor and weapons can be gifted to the guild. Also why don’t items stack in the armory? It is strange to see a long list of the same items. If there are guild levels then how is this accomplished? I like all prior suggestions also. I have already started my ‘blacklist’.