Halloween Collection

I’m going to try working on some Festive Collections for PT this year (Oct / Nov / December) It’s not easy to wangle festive items into PT due to a number of ‘issues’ one from your perspective being ‘Space’ to ensure you can collect them :slight_smile:

I wanted it to be more interactive than simply being awarded them Via PM, so again this one is Kill based Looting…

Several thousand units of Pumpkin Loot have been added to the game. You has as much chance to get them as any other loot whilst Killing ships.

So here’s the Challenge!

Kill Enemy Ships . By now the loot has been disseminated everywhere so won’t matter who you kill they all have a ‘chance’ to have the loot onboard.

Loot my 'Halloween Collection 1 and Halloween Collection 2

Collect them in STACKS of 20! (no less)

Trade UNIQUE STACKS to ME ( Coops ) in the game for your reward! You can do this from your Ships Cargo Bay sending them via in-game PM.

REWARD - Skill Reduction Minutes!
Each stack (of 20 lost loot) sent to me (Coops) that arrives and is validated by me, I will award you 120 Minutes of Skill Reduction.

To be clear you need to send EITHER a stack of 20 Loot 1 or 20 Loot 2. Meaning I don’t want split / partial stacks :slight_smile: But you may send me as many stacks as you like during the ‘Festive Period’.

This Competition Closes on the 10th of November (Game Time) at midnight. Any stacks sent to me after this will simply disappear.

These Festive Loots have NO Value anywhere else in the game and will disappear from your stores shortly after the competition closes.

Happy Hunting!

I turned in the first set of 20 Halloween Loot 1.

All packs of Pumpkins handed in so far have now been processed and their rewards added. Keep it up folks :slight_smile: