Harvester Thoughts

So, a small Holiday event Harvester thought.

Simply put, I suggest standardizing Holiday Harvesters to a unified efficiency of 1 fuel to 2 yield.

That would eliminate fretting over, “well the Blitzen is this efficient, but the Shamrock runs longer, or I can get a new skill and wait for the Halloween…”. If they are all standardized to 1f:2y, then the decision comes down to the player’s skill investment and how long the player wants to let things run.

That would also be a slight down tweak for the Halloween Harvesters. I think the player base at this point is small and tight-knit enough that most would be cool with it. I run a fleet of 24 of them and I would be cool with it.

It would also improve the Blitzen Harvester, which I brought up previously.

I think a good spread of six would be:

Small Personal: f10, y20, 12h, Personal Harvester Level 1
Blitzen: f10, y20, 18h, Personal Harvester Level 8
Halloween: f15, y30, 24h, Commercial Harvester Level 1
Large Commercial: f20, y40, 36h, Commercial Harvester Level 8
Small Industrial: f25, y50, 48h, Industrial Harvester Level 1
Large Industrial: f30, y60, 72h, Industrial Harvester Level 8

If I’m just throwing out ideas, then in order the Shamrock (St. Patrick’s Day / March), Blitzen, Halloween, The Beeblebrox (National Towel Day / May), Terra Firma (Earth Day / April), Project Terran (anniversary of Project Terran).

Of course, other models would be possible (Walpurgis Harvester, f13, y26, 24h, Personal 1) for limited events.

As stated, simple incremental expansion of models would let players focus on skill and time. There would be no incentive to get something for efficiency, because it’s all the same.