Hellcat Ice Miner R3 not usable

I crafted my first Hellcat Ice Miner R3 today and I noticed a weird bug:
Most of it seems to be missing. As in: There is no thumbnail of it in the ship store, instead it shows a missing link/file icon; description is missing except for what appears to be common for all items; the “hover-info-bubble” is completely empty, both in ship store as well as on the question mark icon at the top right; and it does not appear in the ship load-out. Which is why I cannot equip it. I was however able to transfer it by mail to my other character, it is transferable between ship and PSF and I assume (!) that I could also delete it.

Why does it behave like that?

Hello KalleK.
Definitely a bug.
Could you please test it again?

When reporting bugs, can you please ensure that you tell us which character (or characters) are affected, as this will enable us to investigate issues much quicker.

Thanks :smile:

I’m sorry about not specifying the characters, but I assumed this was more likely to be a general problem with the item rather than a character-bound bug.

Anyway, it works now. Thank you!