How can I get Jarruban Enzymes?

I’ve bought laboratory, and it says I need Jarruban Enzymes. How to get some?

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You need to speak to the shady stranger on the promenade…

He says I’m not espected enough :frowning:
Is respect level based? skill? achievments (wins)? or just PA feature?

It is a PA feature pikolinianita


Is there page which clearly states what is PA, what I get, etc? If yes, it is quite hidden (I didn’t spot it)

I think it should be clearly stated that you need a PA to use laboratory. I bought one and it looks like I just wasted my money since I don’t have a PA and can’t use Shady-Looking Stranger. It misleads people at the stage when we still try to figure out what to do in the game and money is critical.

I have added a paragraph to the real estate office to clarify the requirements.

The text on the page is largely unchanged since I took over the code, and there was certainly no intention to mislead.

This information is shown on the store page. There is a link in the game menu titled Forged Space Store, and also a link at the very top of the game titled Upgrade Account

Now that’s clear, thanks. What about people that bought a laboratory before that paragraph was added? I can’t use it, I lost my money, so can it be sell back?

There is no option at this time to sell labs back. I have refunded your money (into your bank) and removed the labs from your account.

Thank you very much.