How does Commodity Trading work?

Hey folks. I’m trying to work out how the commodity trade works. Here’s what I think I’ve learned:

  1. Each station has a static list of commodities sold and offered: what they sell or buy won’t change.

  2. Prices for a given commodity at a given station will change by some amount, with a (probably) defined maximum and minimum.

  3. There’s probably not currently a way to check prices elsewhere in the galaxy, you just have to fly there to find out.

Is that reasonably accurate? Also, are min/max prices for a given commodity the same everywhere, or does it vary a lot by station?

Thanks, all!

Hi there @Carik

Your assumptions are pretty much ‘nail on the head’. There are currently 650 Trade Commodities in the game. These are spread over the dock-able locations. As you have stated there is a static trade in these TC’s in each location, however stock values are affected by a number of things.

Stock values and amounts will rise and fall dependent on normal stock market fluctuations (withing a given set of boundaries). They will always bounce back to their default setting eventually though. They are also affected by player habits, IE if players continually run a stock dry this will affect its market value not only there but in other locations. This is not an ‘immediate affect’ but one over time.

EACH location has its own ‘base’ value and stock level for TC’s which are then modified by the above settings. So the price for say ‘Anthropological Exports’ can vary across locations. Currently there is a variance in that TC of a 236 credits across Seven locations in game.

Hope this verification helps somewhat.


Thanks! That clears up my one point of confusion (whether base prices are the same from location to location), so that’s just what I needed.

On a side note: Thank you for working on this new game! I played CE for three or four years, and this is looking like it’s probably got most of the changes and updates I wished CE had.

On another side note: Is there currently a wiki for the game, and if not would you object to me creating one at wikia? I’ve been tracking a lot of things in spreadsheets, but a community wiki seems like a better way to go for most of them.

Thanks again!

We learnt a lot about a games long term econemy and how to best do ‘some things’ from our long stint with CE. These we placed in to PT. Both game swill continue to be updated and progress.

Wiki : As such we feel a wiki is not totally necessaryas they tend to be olny editted by a few and understood by even less. But we have an excellent alternative for all things PT.

Should you wish to help add to the content of this site read here


I’ll look into it, and thanks again!