How high (or far) can I jump

It would be useful for us haulers if the distance we can go in one jump was displayed somewhere. Perhaps along side the cargo on the top bar?

This information is shown in the JDN, just above the list of systems in the right pane like this:

With certification, your maximum jump distance is xx

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I see it there, however you have to be at the jump gate to see it. I was thinking of something to reference when loading cargo. Not a big deal…just a little laziness on my part.

You can always use 2 or more jumps to make a delivery. The critical thing is ensuring you don’t pick a route with a leg greater than your jump distance.

Exactly, but you can’t see it until you are at the jump gate. Which was the point of the initial inquiry. If I am loading cargo, I can’t see what my jump distance is. I have to rely on my failing memory. It will only get worse as I add more toons.

I have added your jump distance to the top bar in each of the freight offices… enjoy :smile:

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