Hull breach - no replacement marauder?

So I breached today and lost my polestar :sob:
KInda pissed about that, as I got pulled into an ambush by 4 platforms that each hit
me for 80-90+ damage. In a LL7 planet. My stats weren’t super high (310/200/300), and I
did hit retreat within 2 seconds of entering combat, but still got smeared in round 3,
with 3 seconds still to go. Those things are WAY overpowered. WTF! :rage:

I was sitting around in the escape pod, as I expected an email with a replacement
marauder to show up (in an hour according to the email help). But no email
ever arrived! Eventually I remembered I had a marauder stashed in the PSF (from my last breach)
and got into that one, but isn’t there supposed to be a email? I did not have insurance
but the breach guide says there should be an email in any case.

Also: aren’t store bought items immune from destruction? I had a Terran reactor
fitted which is now lost. I realized loadout kit gets destroyed in a breach but I have
never seen a game which destroys store-purchase items. That needs to be prominently
mentioned in the store description or something. If that’s intentional, well, that will
profoundly affect my future support decisions.

Hi @MarcSp,

You would not have received a new Marauder as you had one in storage, but you should have received an email following the breach, stating as much. Did nothing come through at all?

As for the store bought items, we need to look at this, as it is not the intention for these items to be lost in this way. I will send you a replacement Terran Reactor while we look into it.