Hydra missions and canceling

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I’m back for another comment so I hope I am not making a nuisance of myself! If I am, well, oops :smile:

So, I just picked a Hydra mining mission and instead of the system where i was and meant to choose I found that I had to travel across the universe because i screwed up and picked a smelly mission elsewhere!

Now, is there a way to cancel the mission or are you just up the proverbial creek in this situation? I would love if there was a way to cancel these things so I don’t have to spend several hundred fuel to remedy my wild clicking.


Not at all :wink:

Currently, no there is no way to cancel a Hydra mission, you need to choose the location carefully and have the crates in your hold to hand the mission back.

Hope you enable “cancel” button before you release Combat :slight_smile:

Hello. I just wanted to throw in my two credits on this topic.

Mis-clicking with the mouse is an age old traditional ever since the useful little long-tailed devils entered our computer lives.

I vote for a cancellation button to provide the ability to Cancel a Mining Mission!

Like Bullwyf, I also simply mis-clicked on a mission and now must spend almost 400 fuel (round trip) and 20+ travelling minutes to complete something that was a simple mistake.

I honestly cannot come up with a reason why players should be “punished” for this very common occurrence. Suggesting that we make our choices more carefully doesn’t really help. Most of us drive cars carefully but accidents still happen. :smile:

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I vote for a cancellation button to provide the ability to Cancel a Mining Mission!

I can’t say I disagree!

I have today made this change, you can now cancel Hydra Missions:

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Hurray!! Thanks, this will be awesome the next time i fat finger something or get click happy with my mouse!