Hydra missions upgrade please

Hydra mission payouts are pointless after a while. I mine in LL7 there is no reason to take hydra missioms any lower. Payouts should be on a sliding scale and appropriate for difficulty. If someone is able to get 15 crates in LL4. Then they should get a better payout than a newb in terra. This will increase the excitement factor in mining hydra. Also 12 k is good money as a newb. Pocket change for Tom Paris. Thank you


I’m not sure what effects payment for Hydra missions, law level, systems or some random factor, but I have started calculating the reward per crate before choosing a mission. Sometimes I’ve gotten missions with only 3 or 4 crates and I get 1k/crate, but a missions with 12 crates may only generate 850/crate. That is a lot of mining for a lower return on mission rewards. Time is money and why would I spend 6-8 hours going after 12 crates when I can get a better general return on the smaller missions and generally get them done in an hour or less.

Edit: I guess I should clarify that there can be 2 different salvage missions for the same asteroid field that pay different amounts per crate.