I can't log in one of my toons

This morning I logged in my toon Nomi to change her skill training. There was no problem. After about 20 minutes I tried to log in again to change harvester but I only get error message: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS. I can log in without a problem so far with Daven but don’t have acces to Nomi. I never use them at the same time. I finish working with one and then go to the other. Now I can use only Daven.

This should now be resolved… Do you play your characters on a tablet at all ?

Thank you very much. No, I don’t have a tablet. I sometimes log in through my mobile, only to keep an eye on training time or harvesters. (And today it started while using my mobile but continued on the computer.)
BTW, in the meantime I tried to use PT on different browsers (I usually use Chrome) to check if maybe the problem could be solved that way. And I couldn’t log in to game at all on them.

The reason I asked about tablets, is with tablets (and phones) they “hold” session information, which when they resume, they try to update. This is what happened on this occasion, the phone updated your location in the game, but did not update your status. The two did not tally so the game got confused where you were, hence the loop.

Until I can get a firm solution in place, if playing on a phone or tablet, please ensure you logout of the game on them, or at the very least drop to the character select screen once you have done what you were doing, as this should prevent this from happening.

I have added a snippet of code that “should” resolve this issue.

Please do create a new report if you find it has happened again.