Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself here, and earn yourself a free 500 fuel ticket.

Tell us a bit about yourself, and how you found Project Terran (web search, advert online etc.)

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Hello. :blush:
New to the Project Terran.


Yogan here, found this game through Core Exiles.


Jazel Jones here. Via Core Exiles.

Plz add fuel to this character.

Need to put a pie slice of my brain to the side for this game! Think I will like this one too :scream:

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All fuel to this point has been awarded. If your post has been liked by me or Coops, then you will have your fuel ready for collection in the Phoenix Fuel Depot (These are dotted about through the galaxy)

Jager 602, Via Core Exiles and Forged Space. This is my only character at this point; of course I went with a miner…

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Marcsp here, and I created a toon (Capt Rocky) after Coops announced open beta
over in the CE forums. Thanks for the invite and the fuel!
marcsp aka Rocky



I am new here, started yesterday.
I did try your other game Core Exiles in the past but did not stick with (I cannot remmeber the exact reason why I left), but I just found this randomly as an add on ones of the webcomics I follow.

I am rather a veteran gamer, was playing RPGs before the first personal computers, and never stopped playing games :wink:
I have been tester (including alpha tester listed in the credits in some games). for many games over the years.
My main types of games are RPGs (strictly PvE), simulation, and strategy games, wih an emphasis on crafting whenever the game allows for it.

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Hey. Don’t know if this counts or not, but I found this game through the closed beta invite (I missed out on the Alpha). Helen Hauler will probably need the fuel most.

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Hi Everyone
I came across this game through Core Exiles (my in game character there is Atlan) I have created only one character in PT atm named Xenon,and concentrating on the Mining profession. I think this game has great potential, i particularly like the idea of multiple mining lasers,and being able to mine different asteroids at the same time ,as in Eve Online.,could you please credit the fuel ticket to Xenon account,thanks much appreciated .

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Hi, Former Core Exiles player here. I have been away from gaming for a year or so and now you suck me back in. You buggers. At first I thought this was a copy of Core Exiles until I saw Coops signature. Looks like I’ll give it a try. Good luck Coops; and the rest of the admin team, whoever you are.

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Hi my name is Dropout and I played Core Exiles a bit and fancied trying out this new game!

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Hi, I came here from Core Exiles. In the forum here I’m Diarri since I already had an account from FS, though my Project Terran account was created under the name Daleen. And considering additional, different names for captains (Nomi and Daven), it means quite a lot of names to remember :wink:

Fuel ticket for Daven, please :slight_smile:

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Hi, Roger here …I’ve gone back to my pre-core name …primary member of the “old farts club” …eh!

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Found a new game to waste time and energy on xD
Found this through an advert on a website I’m quite active on~

Name’s Radon of ship Sagittarius, hauling your loot at the speed of snail :smile:

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Hi There everybody

I currently have 2 toons ingame, Bullwyf and Pokey. I heard about this through CE. Looks fun and I am hammering away at getting some levels! Some fuel would be great :smile:

I guess is I have to choose one, it can go to Bullwyf. I’d take 500 for both of course!!!

Is the fuel in the fuel depot accessible from all characters per account or is it an individual access thing?

See ya ingame, loving it so far

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As per the change posted yesterday, the fuel depot is now accessible to all characters on the account.

Hi guys,
Former core exiles player here, alwayes as garamel :smiley:
Playing for 2 days now and like it a lot, nice job.
looking forward to master the skills here.

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Deepcore here. That’s my name/ account/ character in the beta.
I’ve followed this studio for a while, and it is an honour to be a part of this beta.
Good luck, everyone!

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