Is Hauling Really Giving Faction?

I only ask because a couple months in now my Hauler has 3% Colonial Union Faction and my miner has 7% Colonial Union Faction…

I am also fairly confident that the 3% comes from doing NPC missions…

Yes, I can confirm that hauling does indeed give faction.

The numbers do however need a little tweak, as they have not changed since initially adding them, so we will have a look at the stats today and have a tinker :wink:

Thanks for looking.

Out of interest what do you think the reason is for my hauler (who is Dryden certified and can haul 125 units) is stuck on 3% CU faction and no more than 1% for anywhere else.

My miner is racing ahead on 10% CU faction from Hydra :smile:

Perhaps it is Hydra that we need to slow down then, rather than lift Hauling ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think so! Otherwise nobody would EVER get to a faction level that was visible to the naked eye! I mean, how much effect does faction have? I wouldn’t have expected a couple of % either way to make a huge difference. If it doesn’t, then if that’s all you get in a month of playing the game, doesn’t that make the whole faction thing too small an effect to be detectable, let alone interesting?

Anyway: my character, Clare Peake, is level 11 now (as a rough guide to how much I’ve played the game), almost entirely through hauling and NPC missions, and everything is still showing 1%, even Colonial Union. That can’t be right, surely?

At level 11 ? yes, quite likely.

Factions are long term, they are not designed to be maxed by level 20.

There are lots of features in the pipeline that will award faction, so there will be lots more that you can do to get them up.

We are still in very early beta, bear with us :smile:

My hauler still has only 3% with CU and 1% everywhere else…

I don’t believe this is working, whether generally or for my character in particular…

I have an almost 20 hauler, he’s done nothing but haul things his whole life, and nothing is over 1%. Not a thing. I don’t know how things are supposed to work, but at lvl 20, you’d think that at least one thing would show over 1%. Just saying.

On the other hand, he is supporting both my toons hauling stuff, so :smile: