Is there any intention of having guilds?

Is there any intention of having “guilds” in this game, or is that not the intention?
It wouldn’t necessarily even need any new system programming into the game - you could organise a group just on the forum, or privately by in-game mails.

Along the same lines, maybe we should have a “shenanigans” chat channel for captains to organise things among themselves, either in-character (role-play) or out-of-character - challenge each other to races, hire somebody to refine a resource for you, offer an item for sale, or shout “help, I’m being attacked by bug-eyed monsters!” and, when we have PvP, that can be the signal for people to rush to such-and-such a planet and one team can be the humans and the other can be the bug-eyed monsters.

Yes, there will be guilds (or at least a collaboration of players, they may not be called a guild) but there is lots that needs to be added before that comes along.

[quote=“YvonneYves, post:2, topic:528”]
maybe we should have a “shenanigans” chat channel for captains to organise things among themselves
[/quote]Anyone can create a channel if they want, standard IRC server, so just /join #shenanigans and let others know you are there :wink:

If possible, please keep suggestions in seperate topics, or it makes it hard to track the progress and discussion if it is all in the same thread :smile:

OK, fair enough! Just thought this was kind of the same thing as it’s all just different ways of players working together, and felt embarrassed at creating so many suggestions threads.
Anyway, this all sounds good, very pleased with answer! (And yes, “guild” is a generic term, I think it would be silly to call them “guilds” in a space game too.)