Issues with NPC missions


I’d like to post here issues with NPC missions, sometimes Half bugs, Half suggestions, Half questions.

Mission: Melar Administrator 12 (New Darwin System) mission with 20 Medical Components required.
A lot of cr to get, but Medical Components can be found on next planet in New Darwin system. isn’t it too easy?
btw, in same mission description is something like “You need to deliver 20 units, maybe you’ll need to learn another level of <> skill”. I thought that Day Trader lvl1 gives 30 units, so this comment is wrong.

The occasional mission might be easier than they first appear… no bug or issue there…

No issue here either that I can see… A lot of the mission texts will refer to skills, and in many cases these skills will be required at higher levels later in the chain they are mentioned in… if the NPC suggests you learn, it will do no harm to do so… :wink: