I've been mining so long

I think I am hallucinating.
Does anyone else see scary spooky faces in the icons of the various asteroids?
Thracium - kinda looks like a vicious dinosaur snout
Hikarite - a scowling mummy face
Kelsalt - a grimacing gremlin face
Feltonite - jack-o-lantern with a vertical open mouth

Of course its nearing the US holiday of Halloween, have the servers been haunted?

PS> do we need a Misc category in the forums?
PPS> anyone notice, in the large asteroid image in the upper left corner,
one of the rocks looks like a badly formed rubber ducky?
Rocky aka Marcsp


Ha! must be hallucinating, or perhaps it is wishful thinking, as none of the rocks look anything like the above (not to me at least) :wink:

[quote=“MarcSp, post:1, topic:418”]
PS> do we need a Misc category in the forums?
[/quote]How do you mean, misc category?

One of the top level categories, like PT Bug reports, PT Suggestions, PT Guides,

They all look like dinosaur heads/skulls of various sorts to me, but I’m pretty nearsighted…

Ahh right, with you now.

That will be the top level category, just Project Terran. If the topic does not fit squarely in one of the sub categories, post in the root.

you’ve been at it to long and have the SPACEMADNESS…if you see a flying scots man, run…RUN!!!