Kill is not registered

As you can see, I distroyed a Zellarite platform that had 2 HP but never got credit for the kill.


Did you quit the battlefield in between killing that platform?

I think you need to do approximately 25% of the damage in ONE session.

(Damage, being armour and hull damage, NOT shield damage)

Yes, I did exit and re-enter. There were three platforms and I had to kill them all. Not sure if I did 25% damage on my kill session, but I would say the message needs to say that the enemy is killed but zero points and credits earned.

Leaving a combat area will wipe any damage meters set by your toon during a previous combat. You need to be in the zone and have sufficient damage on the target for it to count when talking about counters for missions.

This also affects looting and loot generated.


P.S designed this way to stop High-level players simply doing all the work for lower level players