List of ship salvage items

I am not sure if this should be here or in guides. King David asked in the forum the number of different ship salvage items. I thought the best way to find out is with a list. So, anyone can add to this.

The list of items I have found, mostly in LL9+ areas:
Air Regulator
Bio Control Systems
Bulk Head Units
Charged Node
Chemical Storage Units
Chemistry Pack
Cluster Disk
Data Display Unit
Data Integrity Unit
Electronic Sub Systems
Engineering Module
Ionized Ring
Manufactured Tri-Alloy Steel
Mechanical Transducer
Micro-Aura Nexus
Neugen Data Storage Devices
Panacea Mechanism
Phased Antimatter Field
Plasma Channel Sections
Power Node Junction
Reflective Flux
Synthetic Shroud
Thermal Calibration Device
Thermal Process Node

I found one other post on salvaging, and everything listed there is here.

If anyone has salvage loot not on this list, please add it, and if you can remember the rough LL and/or area where you found it.

The complete list of salvage can be found here: