Looking to hire a miner/refiner


I am looking to hire a miner /refiner to provide me the following resources:

  • 870 x Theragen
  • 1320 x Arkalon
    I had placed an initial order for those in GBM at an evaluated value, before finding out a couple of days ago that scanners 8-10 are no longer available; therefore they will probably cost more per unit to refine from level 7 ores.
    I need for each to find a miner/refiner willing to make them for me, at a unit price to be agreed upon.

Hello Fafhred

I could mine/refine you these resources, however I need a unit price of 120 for it to be profitable. I would of course deposit them in the GBM and you can pay the difference via mail. That way you don’t lose any credits. Is that an acceptable offer for you?


Sorry Kallek, just concluded with another miner who contacted me directly several hours ago, I only saw your post as I was coming to say so.

What I will do then is finish with him first (2 CODs in transit), then I will also take your offer to have spare resources.
I suggest that you wait first that I send you the difference (43800) by mail, probably tomorrow, earlier depending my activity tonight.
Is that ok with you ?

I was just going to mail you the money, but there is no character by this name; whom should I mail it to ?

Hello Fafhred

You can mail it to Reginald Ryder. Do you still need the same amount of resources?


Yes, since there is no way to modify a purchase order, best to fill that one to clear it.
Going to mail you in game now

Trades successfully concluded, this post can now be closed.