Lower money casino games?

Casino slots cost $100 per shot. Could we have a game that costs maybe $20-$25 at a go? Maybe blackjack or something simple? At low levels, no one wants to throw money out on games of chance, but if we had one that was a little more cost-effective, it wouldn’t hurt so much to try out. As it is I still haven’t tried a game because right now every buck counts. Well, it’s a thought, anyway…

I would have to agree with this, money is so tight in this game you can’t afford to risk it!

If costs to play were less, then I would play.

I have added another game to the slots. You can now either stake $100 or the lower rate of $20 with a lower prize.

Thanks. Just tried it and lost, but I tried it :slight_smile:

congrats for learning to gamble :wink:

I won nearly $2000 on the slots… and put it all back in again. Just like real slots