Mail an Item - Not collected

Suppose I have agreed on crafting request and crafted an item upon request.

On the one hand I can send a mail to another player with an attached item and using COD for the payment.

On the other hand there is the auto prune rule: “All mail will be pruned from the game after 14 days, so make sure you collect any credits or items attached!!”

So now I wonder, what happens with the attached item, when it is never collected. Is the item returned to the sender?
If not, please move this post to the suggestions category.

Good question… honestly, I don’t remember, but I will look it up and let you know :wink:

So what was the answer?

Did you already check on this question?

Apologies for the delayed reply on this @Testudo, it kept slipping down the list and got a little lost.

Items would have been caught by the prune, so would have been lost. I have made a tweak to the code to ensure items attached are not deleted, and will find some time to add a function to “return to sender”.

Until then, if an item is not collected (if you COD the item you will know by the lack of a notification) then drop me a line and I will return any items attached to sender.