Mike the Miner asks - What next?

So, coming into the game cold, how do I figure out what I need next? Mike Miner has reached level 3 with his Civilian Mining Laser and level 3 with his Civilian Mining Scanner. There is nothing that tells me what is next.
A hint on what the grades are would be nice. Such as which is next, Industrial, Commercial, or what?
I can make some guesses, but if I focus my time in researching in the wrong direction it’s time “wasted”.
Are there any plans for making a tech tree or some sort of “primer” for each profession, or is this going to be learn as you go?
The latest method makes it tough, but rewarding, for the pioneers. The “veterans” will be able to school the newcomers.
Do I have to wait until I can afford a new ship (I know I can ask for one, but I’m not there yet and talking “real” game here) before I can outfit a second laser, or can there be a certification that allows for adding a second?
What sort of “mechanism” will be in place for players to request crafted items from other players? Maybe a “Job-board” similar to the GBM for items? (just an off the wall idea).
What that means to any of you crafters out there is that I think I’m ready for a Kryton Mining Scanner Class 4.
These are “feeler” questions. I am really enjoying the game.

I think to a degree we would have to say that there is no definitive guide ‘what to do next’ for each profession / career. We are still in early alpha stages where we are asking you guys to ‘test’, ‘prod’ and hopefully report.

From a current Alpha tester the progression is fairly simple to follow. You may have been given your first items to use or perhaps went and purchased them from Gen Tech.

As your skills may be to low to use ‘Player made’ items yet continue to visit Gen Tech and work your way through the items there. To enter into the lowest level of Player made items you will need the skills that top out using the best Gen Tech Civilian items.

Once you have mastered all Gen Tech has to offer (and that WILL have pushed you into skills you need for you chosen path) Then move yourself over to a ‘Tolarn Industries’ we added one to Terra so you wont have far to wonder to find one.

This is the Entry level to Mid early level Schematics. Now, I’m NOT suggesting you have to craft everything yourself (although that’s the possibly best way to learn PT) but it will allow you to peruse what’s next in terms of items to use in your path.

If your a Miner then check out the mining tab, review the schematics and hove rover the question mark on each one to see what the end build does and requires skills wise.

If you were a Hualer you might want to check out the ‘Cargo / Freight Expanders’ - Likely EVERYONE will want to check out the ‘Energy / Reactors’ Tab.

This will simply lead you to the ‘I’m looking for a XYZ’ next and I need to start learning skills ‘ABC’.

As for other activities, each activity will have its ‘own skill’ requirements. That’s for you to figure out and locate.

As for a longer term View : We will produce (community produce) more through Guides on each element of a profession / career. Plus players will have a whole pantheon of NPC’s to wokr for and learn the early elements.

We are working on an NPC system that means that there will be NPC’s available for pretty much everything and anything mission wise. They will guide and prod you in the directions and also reward and boost you in to the paths you choose.

This may be hard to fathom, but the actual existence of the ‘CE Data Repository’ became one of the worth things ‘we as devs’ could have added. It should have lived outside the game and on support sites and not in the game.

Project Terran will have 1000’s of builds eventually offering a myriad of ‘options’ when it comes to ship fittings and load-outs. This in turn creating a personal dilemma of train A and B or do I train B and C or perhaps D first ?

It’s likely that no two players will do it identically first time around and that for us is the goal in a sense. No cookie cutter toons for long term viability, once your out of Civilian items your path and options are yours.


Even EVE with over 20,000 players logged in each day doesn’t have a ‘wanted board’. I think perhaps time with CE has made some of us a little soft round the edges lol.

Players must learn to interact with each other, the forums is linked in game and is easy to use. Chat is there and again easy to use.

Even looking at the Emporiums that currently exist and sending them a quick PM asking if they can make one ? I suppose my answer is when i play any new game it take some time to figure out what I need and how to get it.

Lastly… There is a Kryton Mining Scanner Class 4 for sale on my Emporium. Should you be unable to locate someone to make you one.

The above comment is my own ‘Personal’ feelings. Not so much Dev hat on as personal hat on.


On my ToDo list is a skill tree. Not sure what format I will use and might have it done a couple of ways before I’m finished. I think a skill tree will help display the different paths that can be taken and how they can be followed.

Thank you for the answers. I can’t disagree with any of them. As I said, they were feeler questions. I am moving forward in the game. I had looked at a few schematics and “reverse engineered” the requirements. I just wasn’t sure if that was going to be THE method. Hopefully there is a crafter out there who will build the laser, if not, I’ll be shopping at your store.
Thanks again,