Mining scanner question

I was wondering when it came to the lvl of scanner you are using, if you have a class 3 Marlin mining scanner, is it going to find the same things as a Kryton Mining Scanner Class 3? Are the only differences between them what it takes to activate it or power requirements or the like?

They both scan level 3 ores, and the only differences are as you describe regarding skill and energy requirements.

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That can’t be right. Or else something is very wrong.

A Marlin class 3 uses 175 energy, and needs Civ electronics level 5
whereas a Kryton class 3 uses 300 energy, and needs civ electronics level 8
AND asteroid mining level 1, which is a large credit and time investment.
It had better provide some bonus or incentive, else no point upgrading to it.

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The Marlin Class 3 is a quick scanner to get into which you are given as as mission reward on one of the early missions.

If you continue through the mining line and go onward to higher level ores, you will move onto the Kryton Range, for which you will need a various collection of skills, including Asteroid Survey.

You will need this skill to advance beyond the level 3 scanners… and because you did the early mission (you did, didn’t you?) your skill set is almost there to dive right into them :wink: