Missing All menu Tabs from all browser types on all toons

As the header says i have no menu tabs on either side of my sceen. Its a global thing. Not sure if its just an issue with me and my toons ( as i do play them from work and often forget to log out from home before i go to bed ) buts its always on PC home or would, so maybe not… So posting this here for you guys to look into :stuck_out_tongue:

@prevuk is currently working on a new tab side bar system. The old Four tabs have been replaced with a single tab bar that comes out from the right.

You can access this from the top left burger icon. Not sure if this is live for everyone yet, but I’m sure Prev will update you when its ready.


its not active yet no, but the tabs should still be visible, they are on my test account?

My bad @Droffy, when I added the exclusion code while testing, it would have passed over your account.

You should now have the tabs back, though by the time you wake up, you may have the new system in place, depends how well I get on today lol.