More work on the inventory

I have made a few more changes to the inventory this afternoon. I have tidied up the equip and unequip code, and rolled it all up into a single page, rather than have it go off to another page then come back.

This has enabled me to add growl notifications, so when you equip or enequip you should get a message.

If you get the chance, have a play with it, see if you can break it :wink:

Works really well sir. A good example of where the growl fits in nicely. Nice wrap back without an additional page. Good work sir.


Small issue, if you sell a item from the nifty new icons on the inventory screen, it asks you if you are sure you wish to sell the item with a Yes but no NO option. While it is nice to force the player into selling the item, not sure not offering a NO option is going to make everyone happy.

That part of the sell process is still original code… assume it was put there in case the player clicked the wrong item…

You think the ‘no’ option should be removed?

ahh, misunderstood… there is not a NO option, will go add one lol.

The NO option has been added, giving the player the option to sell or return to the inventory.