Multiple scanners - effect adds up?

I try my miner, and he is irritated.
With two class 2 scanners he gets a resulting scanning rate of 2
With 1 class 2 and one class 3 the resulting is 3
So all the time the max is the resulting, multiple scanners does not add up.
Should it be in this way?

As far as i am aware the type of scanner only affects the level of ores you can find as in a class 3 is always a class 3 and a class 2 always a class 2… They do not stack. you will need to fit a class 4 scanner to get better results or a class 5 etc… This is by design and so players have to spend time improving their cert levels instead of quickly being able to get good resources by increasing the number of low end scanners.

Coops or Prev will have to confirm or rebuff this, but it is my understanding of it :stuck_out_tongue:


This is not core-exiles.

A scanner has a ‘class’ rating, adding scanners together will NOT increase the class rating. The highest class rated scanner fitted will be used in the field.


thanks, you see, it is not in the bug section ;).

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