Multiple Ship Fit

I would like to suggest the addition of being able to have multiple ships totally fitted.
Meaning, that I can be in a mining ship, doc at a space station; swap into my fitted hauler ship and do trade runs.

Currently you have to strip the ship, then swap in the new one and refit it :frowning:

Ships then remain in the space station they were left in.
Since it makes no sense you could swap, do 20 jumps to another staion and jump back in to the previous ship.

The other thing, jump in a shuttle for travel (costs) to get to the other station(s)s your other ship(s) might be in.
This would also bring up the issue of tracking where the ships are stored. Meaning you could have an in station/planet
icon/office to check where all of your ships are.

I would find this much easier for mining, trade, combat.

An interesting suggestion. - Due to how PT was built this is more plausible than it may first appear - I’ll chat with Prev and see shall see what we come up with. That’s not a promise, just a ‘lets take a looksie’ :slight_smile:


Interesting idea indeed.

One concern though, I hope it will still be possible to strip reactors and shields from the ship and transport them over to the other ship. Otherwise one would need a multitude of reactors and shields, since those will need to be fitted on both ships.
Anyhow, I fly a Polestar most of the time, so I would never swap ships anyhow.