Navigating between Menus

This is not really a bug - more of a feature you could say! When you go into a menu option, there is no way to navigate between options once you have selected an option. For example, if you go to ‘Your Guild’ then you can see the information for that option but you can’t then navigate through to ‘Guild Armoury’ or some other option.

You can use ‘Go back’ arrow or head back to the top level of the Menu on the side bar and work your way back down again. It just gets a little irritating to have to keep doing that. Is there some way you can put the other menu options as headings or links on the bottom or top of the page. I’ve seen it done elsewhere and it speeds navigation up a lot. Not quite making it a pleasure - but gets you to the data quicker… DATA !!! Just had a little wobble there… back under control again now :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve?

You are given a selection of guild options, depending on your rank in the guild.

The Guild Armoury link is right there on the guild page. If you then go to the armoury, just click ‘Your Guild’ again in the main menu.

Please correct me if I am missing something?

I knew this would be difficult to explain - my bad.

When you have selected Guild Armoury for example - and are then in the Armoury, you cannot then go straight to one of the other Guild menu choices. You have to go back to Your Guild on the side bar menu and then select another option. My thought was to have a series of buttons/links on the Guild Armour page itself to the other Guild pages so you could select them without having to go back through to the Your Guild on the side bar menu.

Probably best to let this one die stillborn - english never was my strong suit! Only my first language - lol

Ahh right, I am with you now, not sure if I just hadn’t had enough espresso, but I couldn’t make head nor tail of what you were asking :wink:

I will see what I can do…

I have added a block of links to all the guild pages. Please let me know if you have any issues.

This block had to be placed at the top of the vault page due to the page architecture, but is at the bottom of all the others.

That’s just the ticket !! Just what I was suggesting. Thanks. Got so excited in trying the links, I clicked Leave Guild by mistake! I know, there is one born every minute :slight_smile: