New Feature - Bound to Character

With today’s update we have a new feature in Project Terran, that I am sure some of you will not like, but it has been added for the good of the game economy in the long term.

Bound To Character
When you fit an item to your ship, (or indeed install a new chassis) that item will become bound to your character. This means that it cannot be sold or traded to other players. You essentially have 2 choices when you are finished with it. You can either delete it, or you can recycle it (if a schematic exists, so this rules out civilian items!)

Up until the point an item is “equipped” you can do what you like with it. Sell it in your Emporium, trade it via email with other players, whatever you like.

As soon as it is fitted though, it will be locked to the player that fitted it.

Bound to Player or to Toon? in other words, can I send used items from my first toon to second one?

Once fitted to a ship an item is bound to THAT toon. So you would not be able to send it to an alt or anyone else.


In my opinion you have just taken away one of the main benefits of having multiple characters (especially for time poor players).

I really think the “good of the game economy in the long term” is a very poorly veiled justification considering how few players there are right now!

I am losing short term motivation very quickly.

Sorry to hear that you feel that way. There is a clear game imperative to add this. Simply by looking in the ships stores at the 100’s and 100’s of items already crafted by players being passed around, even at this early stage in the game shows a desperate need to lock these items.

We thank you for your participation, but you have to understand that a beta is a growing entity. Players habits help us shape the overall economy in these early months.

We are looking at the games longevity. You are looking at it from a single players perspective. We have to take a much tougher and longer view. That’s the difference between playing games and developing them.

Project Terran is a LONG way from complete and change is inevitable, the same as adding combat had a major affect on the game so will this change, but its for the best in the long run.


General Remark 1: in updates and other posts, you should be as clear as possible, and not mix terms (toon = character != player) [quote=“prevuk, post:1, topic:715”]
As soon as it is fitted though, it will be locked to the player that fitted it.
General Remark 2: IMHO such drastic, severe change should be announced week earlier, to give us (=players) time to reshuffle equipment. Or items Equipped on D-Day should be unlocked, and only items equipped after H-Hour locked. That would be more fair.

Ad Rem: Quest rewards - of course. Advanced items - perhaps yes. But I have doubts about low level items, say Civilian and perhaps Small (=items which require Small Something certificates). Why?
If I have Senior Toon, and I start third/fourth toon, I have resources and money to craft some stuff and buy some certs. But for first toon it is hard, and “borrow and return” strategy could be usefull.
On the other hand, I guess New rule is good for low level crafters…

Recycling Question/suggestion: would it be possible for player, to remove “locked” status and set “Salvage” status. Item would be not useable, but tradeable (or tradable between toons from one account) and recycling efficiency would be lower. That way only one Toon in guild (on account) would need “recycling” maxxed…