New Items Added - Lines Extended

As time rolls on I wanted to give you all some new goals. So today I have released a slew of new items to the game extending existing lines of various items.

These are all player crafted and in most cases will require not only Mined, refined, trade commodities but now also Salvage resources.

There are also some new skills (not too many don’t worry) :slight_smile:

Reactors - there are 12 new Reactors for you to ‘drool over’ and plan for. These bring in to affect three new Reactor skills.

These are from the Drax, Adartha and Singapore Technology companies and allow you to utilise their tech.

Then we have a few additional Hull and Armour repair units. These are from a company called Turron and top out the current systems on repair for Hull and Armour

Mining Lasers - today sees the largest release of a wide array of extended lasers for Mining both Ores and Ice. These max out the range and add another 14 new lasers to the mix.

Topping these are lasers that have been named after our most prestigious players Tom Paris and Testudo.

A selection of these requires a new Prospector Mining Technology skill. It’s one that will set you off down another skill path and be there should we take the range any further, so a much-needed one for those thinking of reaching the dizzy levels in mining.

As stated earlier DO NOT expect these to be cheap or easy to get into OR to build. They require time and patience and a penchant for collecting everything in sight!

More Salvage Coming Your Way - I have been mentioning this for a while now, but you can expect to see more Salvage loot entering the loot system in the coming weeks. This will also be filtered down as low as combat law level 1.

Currently, the loot only goes down as far as level 4. We didn’t want to be too mean on our first addition of Salvage loots, but this will finalise the loot system at least for a while lol. I will expect to see a lot more ‘teamwork’ when it comes to obtaining law level 3,2,1 loots, but that’s the whole idea of the end game content.

Costs - You won’t fail to notice that most of the new Schematics are expensive. Some very. This is a sliding scale and brings the costs in line with the rewards and players bank balances at that level.

But I have also added each schematic to the TSC system. Meaning if you have Terran credits on your account you can purchase the schematics that way.