"New" Marauder Chassis

So, Helen Hauler has the base Marauder she started with. She studied diligently to get her Janisar Freight up to level 7 so she could haul and make money to buy more certificates. She trained and equipped a Freight Expander FR3 and she had a freight capacity of 60.
Alas, now her capacity has been cut in half (30) and there is no freight expansion slot available.
Was this intentional? If so…OUCH!
PS I do realize the training will apply to a different chassis, it’s just going to take much longer to get there.

Unfortunately so, yes.

The Marauder chassis was always intended as a “starter” chassis, with the sole aim of giving you access to mining, hauling (and combat when available) with a slot for each so that you can get a feel for the game and find your feet.

There are enough slots on the chassis to get you started in any of the “professions”, and the only profession that requires freight space is Haulage. 30 Space is plenty to carry a large proportion of the shipments offered by Dumont.

In general terms, we don’t see this chassis lasting more than around a week. By that time you should have settled on a direction you want to head in, and earned enough credits and learned the skills to move onto the Tier 1 chassis that best suits your play style.

The Tiered chassis are far more specialised, and provide more slots aimed at the profession path you are taking.

We added the advanced Marauder chassis early on to provide options for the low level captain, but it quickly became clear that these chassis were more of a hindrance to the long term goal with ships, as they added almost very little expansion opportunity through the tiers.

This was the reason we had to take the tough decision to do the ship update yesterday, and while we do appreciate that initially, it will cause a little pain to those that have been around for a couple of weeks, we feel it was essential for the longevity of the game.

I hope this goes some way to explaining why we did what we did. It was not malicious in any way…


I understand it was not malicious, and sometimes sacrifices must be made for game balance. It wasn’t meant to be a complaint (well maybe a little), just an observation.
I’m trying to figure how to go to a Tier one ship in a week though?

im not even sure how im supposed to get a t1 ship

Tell me, what class would you like? You are mining, correct?
I can build one for you.

You have 2 toon slots to begin with, make sure 1 is skilled to haul and you can generate 300k credits within a week no problem. Then either buy one, or use your second toon to collect the resources and make one yourself :wink:

There are a number of Tier 1 ships already listed on the Emporiums, or you can create a request for a crafter to build you one on the new CRL (found in the side menu)

I am actually using my hauler to feed my starving crafter…lol. My crafter is also my miner so he does all the mining, harvesting and refining. Since he isn’t selling much he needs a Patron to sponser him…aka my hauler.
In spite of the shock, I’m having a blast!
PS are you burning some midnight oil?

I am rarely in bed before 1am, sometimes a lot later…

Resources will always be in demand, especially the refined and harvested ores, so fill an emporium, or create a topic in the forum with what you have and I am sure a buyer will approach you :smile:

I need to feed the crafter marterial. I see some good prices popping up on the GBM but don’t want to sell what I need to use for my schematics. Crafters are hoarders…we need help.
I guess I’m just used to Coops slacking and going off at 7pm…LOL

@Coops does the early shift lol…

Well, poop! :smile:

with my Freight reduced to 30 and PM Ships about 250,000 credits or more, I need to do a LOT of hauling

Prev: Dont forget the first hauler missions include a free entry-level Freight Expander – its gonna be kind of a bummer to do the mission chain, get a freight expander, and not be able to use it :slight_smile:

Yes indeed, I was reminded of that the other day… we will have to look at that mission chain…

With the Hauling, none of the Dumont missions go above 30 units of freight, and even with a hold of 30 in many cases you should be able to get 2 missions on board.

Get your Dumont skill and civilian jump drive skills up, and the cash will flow in… if you have a second toon while you are waiting for your hauler fuel to regen, why not do a little mining, or start skilling into harvesters ?

so many options… :smile:

Prices are sitting quite high at the moment while crafters are finding their feet. The schematics in PT have build limits on them, so once that build limit is reached, the schematic goes :bomb: and the crafter has to buy another copy.

I am sure there are crafters out there that will help you out if you are stuck, and that expander will be handy with your new chassis…

I only started playing PT this week, so I am still flying my original Maraudar chassis with the 30 freight limitation.

As I want to continue in the Hauler profession, my next step would be a Frontier Chassis, right?

I already bought and trained the Frontier Chassis Management skill.
@developers: As a suggestion, I must say, it was confusing to have to train Marauder Chassis Management skill first, before being able to start Frontier Chassis Management skill. On the one hand Marauder is only a very basis chassis, without evolution, still you have to learn 4 skill levels before one can proceed.

@players: Train the freight license - Dumont skill to get extra percentage of credits. Do the initial hauling missions in Terra and Clarke, try to take freight also on your way back to the NPC. As such, it seems a reasonable amount of credits can be collected that will pay for that ship.

Yes, Frontier will be the next chassis to aim for, correct :slight_smile:

A very valid point, that has been raised before by other players. Skills are still somewhat fluid atm, we are still tinkering, so will add that to the list to have another look at.