New Slide Menu to Replace Blue Tabs

I have today released the new slide menu, which replaces the old tabs that sat down the left and right of the screen. You can access the new menu from the “burger” icon:

You will also see that I have moved the mail notification icon below the burger menu, so that they sit together.

Clicking this burger menu will load the new menu over to the right (some might think this is counter intuitive, but having used it for the last 24 hours or so, muscle memory very soon adapts)

I am adding new stuff to the menu, so it will change over time, but there will never be too many options required here, so this new system is far more fitting.

Hope you like it, as I do :smile:

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I’ve also now been using the new menu system for a day and I must admit I actually prefer it now to the older CE style multi tabs. Makes life very easy, no trying to remember which tab.

All in one spot and works well (for me). We have the issue with most of us that we come from a year + of CE menu tabs. This stamps the look of the game differently and was much needed.

From my perspective - Nice change @prevuk


I have noticed that when the page refreshes you do see these menu items appear at the bottom of the screen for a split second or two
in the footer section ( black stars ) . So maybe that is s omething to look at, other then that i like the new menu. smooth and fits with the style of the game

Well done Mr P

what browser are you using @Droffy ?

on my works computer i use chrome… Not tried it from home yet on other browsers

ok now worries…

I will have a dig through the JS see if I can optimise it a little to either prevent this happening, or at the very least reduce it, so bear with me :smile: